Quizlet is an excellent technological tool that can help students with learning new information, especially information that needs to be recalled, such as vocabulary. Since I teach many first-time college students, I frequently look for ways to help them succeed in their educational pursuits. Many of my students lack an understanding of the amount of at-home studying required of them at the college level, as well as lacking an understanding of how to study. I love the “new face” that Quizlet gives to flashcards, as well as the convenience of having it available on your phone, which most college students have with them all the time.

In my Prep Reading and Study Skills courses, I start by creating some lists related to our textbooks and showing them how to use access these flashcards sets on the Quizlet website and app. I show them the many options they have in studying these terms, beyond just the basic flashcard. In addition, I promote the easiness of use and convenience of it and suggest they study these words for 5-10 minutes multiple times throughout the day, such as when they wake up, while waiting for a ride or their next class, before they go to sleep, or really any time they find themselves with a few minutes to spare. I explain them that repeated exposure and practice will help them to remember the information on a more long-term basis, which in turn will help them as they take their tests. Later in the semester, I show them how to create their own flashcard sets for any subject and how to search for and copy already created sets related to their topic. Edshelf provides a great overview of these functions as well as the basic functions of Quizlet if you want to learn how this technological tool yourself. Many of students comment at the end of the semester how much this piece of technology helped them and how to plan on using it for all their future classes.


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  1. one interesting fact about Quizlet, other than the free access, is: the website was created by an undergraduate college student

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