Google Forms and Auto-graded Assessments

A few weeks I was faced with a challenge: how to create something online that would grade students work for a placement test for a new modularized course plan we are trying. I knew there had to be programs out there would that allow students to input answers and grade it for me. And there were–plenty actually. Since I love Google docs already, one idea I really liked was using a Google Form and then using a Flubaroo script to have it auto-graded. Here is a written explanation of how to do this, as well as this video demonstration I stumbled upon on YouTube.

Unfortunately, that did not quite fulfill my needs, as I needed three separate scores dependent upon the answers to certain questions; however, I saw the immense value this Google Form self-graded tool could provide to a teacher. It allows you to type explanations in the comments, so it can provide a chance for students to learn and self-remediate while taking the assessment. It allows those who have access to computers (such as a portable or regular computer lab) an easy way to assess students and provide them feedback a quick manner, as well as make the job of the teacher easier because it is graded automatically.

For those curious, I did find a workable (not perfect but doable) solution for my situation. I used the Google Form I created to take the test with the correct answers. That then become the first line of my spreadsheet. After I created color-coded conditions upon each answer column related to the correct answers. So if students answered question 1 correctly that column turned blue, if they answered question 2 correctly it turned green, and so on. I did that for all 18 questions varying the color-coding based on the type of questions. 

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