Social Bookmarking

Have you heard of Delicious or Diigo? If so, then you are probably familiar with social bookmarking. If not, then this video should help you understand the concept better:

I first learned about social bookmarking in a library class I took in 2012. Here is the review I wrote back then comparing these two social bookmarking sites:

I love that both sites provide a way to bookmark your favorite sites that you can access from anywhere. Also, I like that you can follow other people’s bookmarkings, which can make easier to find new great websites and information. Each bookmarking site had some pros and cons in my opinion. For Delicious, I enjoyed that the layout was clean and simple, especially if you used the stacks. I also liked that it seemed to be free of ads. However, it seemed to be missing many features that I really enjoyed in Diigo. I was impressed how Diigo had a toolbar that allowed you easy access to bookmark, highlight, and even capture part of the webpage. Perhaps, Delicious had this and I missed it. Another feature of Diigo that I enjoyed was the “groups” feature. I noticed Delicious had a “feeds” feature, but I had trouble figuring out how to use it. The Diigo group feature was easy to use and the one group I selected “teacher-librarians” had many amazing sites already bookmarked. Also, it seemed Diigo was more school and education focused when I did general searches for library and technology related things. As a whole, both of these sites are great, but I do prefer Diigo for now.

Now, I must confess I have not used either of these sites since that class; however, the classes I am presently taking, I am reminded again how useful these social bookmarking sites can be. During this semester, I did research online for both classes. Many times I emailed myself links, when in fact, I should have been using my Delicious or Diigo account. Now that I have rediscovered my accounts I plan on using myself in future courses. In addition, I want to explore the idea of teaching my students to use these sites when doing research. Hopefully after doing that they will see how beneficial these sites can be and use them for other reasons as well.

If you have never used a social bookmarking site before, I suggest trying it out. It will give you access to your favorites no matter what computer or device you are using. If you have used these before, I would love to hear what you like or dislike about them, as well as ideas of how to use them with students.


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