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Exciting Opportunity


This past Thursday my college had a faculty in-service day. While most of the day was filled with pointless meetings, our two break-out sessions (taught by various faculty members) were wonderful. The first one helped me understand the tenure portfolio and process much better. The second I learned about an exciting opportunity I have for creating a course. All of the students at our community college are required to take a IDS capstone course. It is a 1 credit course, and it provides them a chance to synthesize the various skills they have learned across multiple disciplines. In addition, it provides the college an opportunity to assess their learning and their writing through the culminating essay. (This essay is not graded by the faculty member teaching that course; instead, it is graded by a collaborative group of faculty that convene each semester for this purpose.)

So the opportunity…the capstone course is meant to be engaging and relevant, and therefore the focus of the course can be anything really. Faculty members create their own version of the course and submit a proposal for it. The main requirements are that the course meets 3 of 7 college-wide learning outcomes and includes at least one learning outcome from at least three different clusters (kind of like departments). I had heard of this course before this in-service day, and during this semester, started formulating an idea of what I would like to do with the course, partly based on things I have learned in my Computers and Composition class. However, I had no idea the logistics of the course or how to proceed. Now, I know that, and having attended, I have additional ideas of what to focus on in my course.

My idea for the course is “Using Social Media Professionally” or “Using Social Media to Create a Professional Image & Network.” I’m still working on the exact title, but that is the gist of it. Usually most people have the courses last five weeks, which I will propose as well. Some are offered F2F; some are online; others are hybrids. I hope to make my version a hybrid course. Each week we will focus on a different aspect of social media and how it can be used to create a professional persona. The first week we will focus on the overall notion that social media can be beneficial for work-related reasons and not just socially. The main social media sites I will focus on in this course are Twitter, WordPress, Diigo, LinkedIn, Google (Profile, sites, plus), and maybe Facebook.

So this week I will complete the paperwork for this course proposal, and hope that I can still get it added to the Fall schedule. I might be too late for that. If so, I hope it is approved for Spring. Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Wow…who knew?

I attended the Southeast TYCA (Two Year Colleges of English Association) conference here in Tampa, FL, last weekend. One of the sessions I attended was presented by one of my colleagues, Dr. Rick Gaspar. His session was entitled, “Becoming a Digital Sherpa.” If you are interested, you can view the accompanying PowerPoint for his presentation here on his blog. There were two images he showed that overwhelmed and excited me at the same time, both related to the number of social media sites that exist presently. Here is the more organized image of the two, which breaks down social media sites by their primary function:


On one hand, I am overwhelmed. I mean who knew there were so many social media sites? I surely did not! I know the handful most people know: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogger, WordPress, Delicious, YouTube, LinkedIn, Flickr. I do feel some relief that most of the ones I know cover a vast area of the different functions and purposes. One area I realize I am deficient in is my knowledge of social media gaming sites; although, I think I know some not listed here, such as Words with Friends, Scramble, etc. As I stated though seeing this list also excites me. Why? Because I love technology, and especially social media, so knowing that there is still so much to learn makes me thrilled to know I have many more sites and apps to discover. Now, I just need to find the time. Of course, that is easier said than done.